What we are asked at Through6



What is Through6?

We are an on-demand, cut and sew, vertical manufacturing facility specializing in innovative sublimation and direct-to-garment apparel. 


Who does Through6 work with?

Everyone.  From small businesses to large enterprises. Plug your brand into our API (it's literally that easy) and a seamless extension of your company is born—executing orders in real time for quick, efficient delivery.


Where is Through6?

Sunny Southern California.  Everything we do is 100%, end-to-end, proudly made in America under one roof.  No outsourcing needed.


Why Through6?

Because we believe in transparency at every turn; honest, clear communication.  Cut & sew, built from the ground up.  Never using generic blanks. We offer a complete, turnkey, apparel solution. No headaches. No miscommunications. Just a seamless, redefined manufacturing experience.


When did Through6 get started?

Built out of pure necessity in 2014, we launched with a simple vision. Empower brands to make money with a better product by building their own cut and sew designs on-demand, at an affordable price point. Thanks to our proprietary six-step formula, Through6 was born. 



The Through6 Approach

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No Inventory NECESSARY

Two words: on demand. You will never have to stock inventory again. Meaning no more stuck costs.


Our entire end-to-end process is handled in house, all under one roof, in our Southern California facility. A seamless process that will save you hours and $$.



Speed to market with turn around times in as little as 48hrs once fully integrated.


Welcome to direct. Just your brand and our facility. Nothing in the middle. 


Seamless Integration

Automate production pipelines with our easy vertical integration. You already have the means to connect direct whether it is a custom endpoint connection, Shopify plugin or csv.

Focus on your business 

Grow your business without worrying about logistics. Integrating with Through6 means you have a partner giving you visibility every step of the way, helping you deliver on time and on budget. Track your business on our real time dashboard.